anxietyEverybody deals with some sort of stress and anxieties and phobias in their everyday life.  From very mild to very severe, Bob can help you work through any issue that you may have.

Each treatment is personal and individually specific, so please give us a call at 480-898-1632 and we can discuss what you are looking to accomplish.

Here is a list of some general things
you can look forward to with hypnosis:


  • experience a deep state of calm and rest
  • feel invigorated and refreshed after each session
  • can relax to a much deeper level than you have experienced before
  • can separate yourself from the problems,stresses and phobias ‘out there’
  • begin to deal much more effectively with sources of stress
  • find pain relief and pain management
  • not worry anymore about your personal issue affecting your daily life
  • can lead a regular everyday life


Call us to schedule your hypnosis appointment!  480-898-1632.